FarmPROV came to life when...

a group of like-minded strangers moved onto The Farm in the Riverside neighborhood of Atlanta. Katie Elkins, founder of FarmPROV, noticed the diverse abilities of her roommates and friends and realized they had all the components of a successful production crew. They enthusiastically assumed different roles, and just like that, FarmPROV came to life for two shows, both of which served pork raised and processed on the property by shepherd and farm manager, Zach Richardson.

Although The Farm no longer exists, the spirit of FarmPROV lives on through Longleaf Media founder James Carr, who refuses to let the spirit of FarmPROV die.  


Original Gardeners

We couldn't have created FarmPROV without the help of amazing friends. These are the folks who volunteered for the first two editions of FarmPROV at The Farm in Riverside. We love you!